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Worry on Prescription Eyeglasses

Although it is soon Christmas again, I can not make myself happier. As we all know, Christmas is a time for people to give each other best regards and at the same time exchange gifts. Then what presents should I buy for my nephew (my elder sister’s son) - maybe a pair of prescription glasses? I have been really worried about his eyesight.

Frankly speaking, my nephew is really a very smart boy. He is five years now and has just begun to attend the kindergarten, and it is said that he behaves very well and is always praised by all his teachers. Indeed, before he attends the kindergarten, that is when he was about three years old, he was able to recognize a thousand words and memorize a hundred poems. All the people thought he was a genius. And we all consider it very important for my elder sister—his mother to educate more at home (in fact, he was educated by my father). However, it turned out that his mother was really not very responsible and qualified. She did nothing to improve his study since he was sent to school. What was worse, she bought a computer to be installed in their house and played Internet games all day long. We all know that being exposed to such influence can be dangerous for a little kid who knows nothing about good and bad. Besides, the strong and sharp light of the computer screen is very harmful to his tender and delicate eyes. Then my father often scolds my sister for this reason, but she refused to change. As a result, my nephew learned rather quickly the video games as he learned other things, and he began to focus on the shining computer screen all day long—just like his mother. The school work then be put in the second place, the computer becomes his whole interest. Undoubtedly, his eyesight becomes worse and worse. Recently, he complains that he is not able to see everything as clearly as before. Then my sister took him to a prescription eyeglasses store to do examination on his eyes, it turned out that he is a little near-sighted, and he needs a pair of scientific prescription eyeglasses to correct his eyesight.

Therefore, I am really considering buying him a pair of prescription eyeglasses now. Since the eyeglasses in the roadside stores are all very dear, I want to go to to have a look. This Christmas they are doing promotions on the progressive eyeglasses, it is said that the cheapest can be only 7.95! I think I could afford one for him as the Christmas gift.