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Are you wearing eyeglasses just for correcting your eye vision? Or you don’t want to replace your old eyeglasses for expensive cost. Eyeglasses are multi-functional necessity because it not only can correct eyesight but also are protective for the eyes against strong winds and dust.

People now enjoy a higher standard of living and demand higher satisfaction for enjoying life. Now younger generations who wear prescription glasses also require cool appearance. They want to have a better looks beside vision correction. Fashionable eyewear are vastly demanded. Especially young ladies are longing to invest in a stylish and hot looking eyeglasses. Titanium frame, as a example, can make you look rather honourable and can present the image of a office lady. Round frames will bring you a cute image.

Other important points to the fact :
1) Fashion generally have some complexion which go well with wearing full acetate frames and those are also requested by many famous film stars.
2) Many prescription eyeglasses are made from polycarbonate and acrylic materials which have high impact strength. Even though your eyeglasses accidentally may fall to the floor, you can still be cool.
3) If you are passing from a shady place into the sunshine place, you have to wear special eyeglasses to protect eyes from UV radiation. When the color of eyeglasses change from watery to pink, it can help you to feel comfortable and cool.
4) Banded goggles are designed for swimming which can prevent water or insects from harming your eyes. These eyeglasses are also useful for sky divers and skaters.
5) Many sunglasses are covered with special coatings on the surface of lenses which wearer ca n see clearly our world but others can not see from outside.Some sun glasses are made with a coating on the surface so that the eyes of the wearer are not seen from outside
6) Aviator eyeglasses are typically invested by army and navies. These frames are oblique, teardrop-shaped and can reflect the seriousness in endeavor of wearers.
7) Some eyeglasses are enable to easily clean, others can not be scratched easily. Several coatings are applied to reduce glare and improve visions.
8) Frames which are made from nylon used in sportsmen eyewear are highly flexible and more strong.
9) Berylliumis a lower-cost alternative to titanium eyewear. It resists corrosion and tarnish, making it an excellent choice for wearers who have high skin acidity or spend a good amount of time in or around salt water.
10) Ladies like their personalities to be enhanced and often try to avoid wearing opting instead for fashionable, soft contact lens of various powers and colors.