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With the approaching of April Fools’ Day, another peak season for gift sending is coming nearer and nearer. And I am considering giving each of my families a pretty gift. The first one is my sister who is cool, stylish and with strong fashion awareness. Each time I see her spending a lot of time and money on fashion things, I think about giving her a pair of fashion glasses as a gift. I always think that she will look much more beautiful a pair of fashion glasses on. I have said this to her, but she feels sorry that fashion changes all the time while those fashion glasses sold in local glasses stores are not so cheap for her to buy frequently and there are not many different types to choose from.

I can’t agree more on this point after I myself have walked from store to store, trying to buy one or two pairs of fashion glasses for her. Then it occurs to me that with the rapid development of science and technology a brand new way of shopping has emerged and is booming now. That is online shopping. To do some shopping online is far more convenient than to do the shopping traditionally. As long as you connect your computer to the Internet, then you can look for whatever you like online.

I happen to hear about a promotion activity for the coming April festival of an online glasses store. It is said that during March 20th to April 10th, you can buy glasses there with a coupon code. That is, you just need to write down the coupon code HappyAllFool or happyapril when placing your order, you can enjoy a 10% discount for the glasses you buy there. So at once I click into the online glasses store. There I found lots and lots of pictures of glasses, not only fashion glasses, but women’s, men’s and kids’ prescription glasses as well as designer, bifocal prescription glasses and I even find a great variety of glasses frames. So I select one pair of fashion glasses which is bright golden and splendidly cool. I think my sister will like it. The fashion glasses only cost me half the money of the cheapest one in local stores. But the quality is quite satisfying and my sister likes it very much.

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