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For me a pair of prescription eyeglasses is a daily necessity since I am a heavy-nearsighted person. I have to wear prescription eyeglasses all the time of a day except sleep. As a result, I must not let the eyeglasses negatively affect my appearance. As we know, eyeglasses are usually considered as an image damager. However, thanks to the quickly development of optical industry, eyeglasses are becoming more and more exquisite and fashion-aware. Eyeglasses can be regarded as cosmetic ornaments to improve a person’s appearance. As we can easily notice the phenomena that big models wear specially designed eyeglasses show up in the big-name show on T stage, and some lady stars wear optical eyeglasses to the show in Hollywood.

As eyeglasses as cosmetic ornaments to improve my appearance, I cannot wear one pair of eyeglasses all of the time. I must choose different style eyeglasses to match different seasons, occasions and dressings. That is to say, I should have several different kinds of eyeglasses at the same time. However, eyeglasses are so expensive that they prevent me from buying as I like.

One day, when I was at work I met my colleague. She wore a pair of new eyeglasses. It is so stylish and pretty. I could not help asking her: “How charming your eyeglasses are! It must cost you a lot, isn’t it?” To my great surprise, she said: “no, it isn’t expensive at all. It costs me only $65.” “You are kidding me?” I was so surprised that I could not believe such a good pair of eyeglasses could be bought at such low price. Then she explained that she got it from one online optical store.

Buy eyeglasses online? That was new to me, because I never know that prescription eyeglasses could even be bought online. I was so excited when know the excellent news and decided to have a try too.

In order to get a trustable commodity, I decided to buy from the same online store as my colleague did. She gave me the address After I got off work that day I immediately visited that net store. I was so amazing! That store offers a large variety of prescription eyeglasses at surprisingly low prices. I soon chose two pairs of prescription eyeglasses at the same time. When I received the delivery, I am really satisfied and happy! Online optical stores are really good places to find cheap prescription eyeglasses.