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Buying Prescription Glasses for My Daughter

Last Monday morning I was surprised to find that my daughter in junior high school didn’t wear her prescription eyeglasses. At first I thought she forgot, but after I reminded her she still insisted going to school without glasses. My daughter became short sighted at the age of nine, and now she’s as blind as a bat without glasses. Since she knew everything about it, why did she refuse to wear eyeglasses? I got confused. After a serious talk between us that night, I got to know the truth that she got laughed at by her classmates for eyeglasses. Actually, that pair of golden rimmed prescription glasses is really improper on her face and she looked like an old lady or a book worm. I was regretful for my carelessness and decided to buy a new pair of prescription glasses for her to cheer her up.

At first, I wanted to buy her contact lenses but soon I denied myself. Wearing and cleaning contact lenses need a lot of time and carefulness, which a girl in her age will absolutely lack; besides, contact lenses are not good for a girl growing every moment. So I decided to buy her a pair of fashion glasses which keep pace with the latest fashion so that she looks awesome.

I surfed on the internet and after visiting forums about fashion prescription glasses I clicked into an online glasses store which many customers recommended. The store provides a wide selection of prescription glasses and almost every type can be found there. Glasses in both classic style and latest fashion are available. With little experience of choosing fashion glasses, I turned to the customer service for help. To give me perfect suggestions, she asked my daughter’s age, favor, her hairstyle and her complexion. Considering every possible aspect, the customer service gave me professional and detailed advice. I have to admit that that’s the best service I had ever got. At last I made an order of her recommended prescription glasses. I had to say that the discount glasses in that store are really cheap. After several days of having butterflies in my stomach, I finally received the glasses. They are so suitable for my daughter and with them my daughter looks fashionable and fantastic. She couldn’t wait to go to school with this pair of cool prescription glasses. Besides, the quality is also very good; I had never imagined that such cheap glasses could be of so high quality.

Thanks to, my daughter became happy again with her fashion prescription glasses and she’s no longer laughed at. Her classmates all envy her and ask her where to get such prescription glasses. No wonder this online store is praised and recommended by so many people; it provides so cheap discount glasses in good quality and so excellent service that I’ve decided to buy all the glasses from it.