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Nowadays, the science and technology has been developing at an explosive rate. Many new things have sprung up like the mushrooms, including online business that is booming both at home and abroad. I am seventy years old now but I hate being called out-of-date, so I am always trying to keep with the times. Before long, I asked my grandson to teach me how to do the shopping online and bought a pair of perfect prescription glasses for my husband.

A week ago, after I learned how to buy things in online stores, I bought a pair of men’s glasses for my husband successfully and the glasses were not only satisfying in quality but also reasonable in price. Firstly, I browsed the online stores to find the best reputed one that sold glasses, and quickly I found a store that sold all kinds of glasses and people who had ever bought something there all gave quite high evaluation. So I clicked into the store and began to look at the pictures carefully so that I could select the most suitable one for my husband. As I examined the pictures, I read the introduction of each type of glasses to learn their specifications. Whenever I didn’t understand anything of the product, I contacted the sales representative to ask for the more detailed information. To my satisfaction, he was quite friendly and answered my questions very patiently. At his recommendation, I selected a pair of golden-framed men’s glasses and thought that my husband could look much younger and more energetic with this color. The price was rather cheap, much cheaper than that of those sold in local stores. So I placed an order immediately.

During the whole process, I didn’t need to walk very far from store to store which very tired and much trying for my age. I just sat leisurely and got what I wanted to get. As I received the glasses, I became more preferable for this new way of shopping, because the quality was gorgeous, no worse than those glasses in local stores. So you can also have a try there. By the way, the web site of this glasses store is