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Buy eyeglasses for John

I have a good friend—John, who is very good at sports and we both like playing basketball very much. Last weekend, when we played basketball on the school play-ground, I broke John’s eyeglasses by an accident. Fortunately, his eyes did not get hurt, but I have to buy eyeglasses for him, which would cost me a lot of money. As I did not dare to tell my mother about this thing, I wanted to buy him a pair of brand new glasses online.

Nevertheless, shopping online was not strange to me. So I had to learn some basic knowledge about purchasing online. And I was taken by the convenience of shopping online, because I did not have to shop at retail stores as crazy girls. Then I searched more information about eyeglasses sold from online stores. To my surprise, almost all the stores sell expensive glasses and it seemed that there was not a store which sold cheap but high-quality glasses at all. Therefore, I would like to close the pages, at which moment an advertisement that said “complete prescription glasses start from $7.95.” caused my attention.

Out of curiosity, I entered into this store and browsed the pages carefully to check whether it was as good as described. This store sold various kinds of glasses, for example, kid’s glasses, glasses for driving, women glasses and so on and so forth. This store directly sold various kinds of glasses to citizens so that the prices were relatively low. The most important of all was that the delivery could be sent to me, which could save time. So I made my mind to purchase a pair of glasses from this store and gave it to John.

I picked a pair which was the same as the old one and following the guide to submit the order. Within two weeks, I received the new eyeglasses and instantly gave it to John. He tried it on and it seemed that it fit for him very much. He also said the glasses were very comfortable. I told him that it was cheap, but he did not care about it and happily accepted it. If you also want to buy eyeglasses, I strongly recommend to you and hope you can find one of your favorite one. Come on and have a try, this will be the best store you have ever seen.